Operating in the field of aluminum surface treatment for over fifty
years, with a know-how in continuous evolution that has given us the ability to work on many sectors that currently are:

  • pneumatics for which we have created special systems,
  • furnishing,
  • building (frames and structures),
  • products at exhibitions,
  • furniture walls and technical products for the office,
  • products for ventilation (grids and vents),
  • carpentry,
  • automotive industry,
  • electromedical equipment.

All that is aluminum can be treated by Ghisoxal and made ​​unassailable, eternal, beautiful.

trattamenti superficiali dell'alluminio

Established in 1963 and certified for Quality System since April 1995 (UNI EN ISO 9002, the current ISO 9001 certification body IGQ).

It is part of the association Associazione Italiana Trattamenti Superficiali dell’alluminio AITAL, the largest national association of the industry.

Prominent company figure: Prof. Antonio Sonego graduated at the University of Milan in 1955 in Industrial Chemistry with specialization in electrochemistry, Professor of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry at the technical institute Ettore Molinari of Milan, immediately after graduation he gained experience on techniques for surface treatment of metals, at SGS THOMPSON a multinational company in Agrate Brianza.